Image of Pro Wrestling Match

Pro Wrestling Match

$300.00 – $500.00

Book your own professional wrestling match
choose your wrestlers, outfits, storyline, and outcome. Please be sure to email your script at

The email must contain the following:

• Must contain the name of wrestlers in the match and time limit in the subject of the email

Example: “Alicia vs Salina (10 minute match)”
You can also type female vs female or female vs male to select at random.

• Outfit request (meaning 2 piece gear set or one piece)

• A detailed script of the moves and events happening during the match (must not exceed 1 page)

• Special Requests (Some requests may require additional costs)

•Any questions or concern

Upcoming dates are listed on different social media platforms @salinadelarenta. Matches are sent 3-5 business days from shoot day.